Beginner 1

This is the entry level parkour classes (after introductory is completed) designed to create a solid foundation of all fundamental parkour skills. Each student will learn the names, and proper techniques for beginner level maneuvers. Skills covered include all basic vaults, precision technique, wall climbs, cat leaps, an introduction to flips, and much more.

  • Develop Mastery of Fundamental Techniques.

  • Strengthen Mind and Body through Parkour Challenges and Conditioning.

  • Learn Basic Acrobatic Skills (Rolling, Cartwheels, Spins)

Class Info & Plans

  • No Cancellation Fees!

  • Payments are monthly auto reoccurring on 1st of the month.

  • 20min of Open Practice after Class

Payment Plans

  • 1 Class a week - $120 a month

  • 2 or more classes a week 70% off!


  • Mon, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday @ 5-6:20PM